Contributing to your employees’ well-being pays off!

Designed to improve the well-being of your staff, an EAP provides support and guidance to all of your employees. Stress or conflict situations experienced either at work or at home may adversely affect your employees’ job performance and reduce their productivity.

An EAP seeks to provide them with tangible support, which includes:

  • Individual meetings
  • Different coaching services
  • A variety of online services

The performance of your employees will improve thanks to professional coaching sessions. Expert problem solvers, EAP professionals find short- and long-term solutions that promote focus at work. Learn more about how this program could benefit your business.


Benefits that benefit everyone


  • Competitive employee benefits
  • Supporting employees’ well-being
  • Reduction of absenteeism
  • Increased performance


  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Personal issues resolved
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Support available at all times

A service tailored to your business reality

A worthwhile solution to maintain productivity

There are many different assistance programs, and you must choose the one that fits the needs of your business. By opting for an EAP that takes into consideration most of your business needs, you will reap more benefits for a lower cost.

Solutions for everyone

The proposed EAP contains an additional component to meet your general or crisis management needs. Many options are included in order to support:

  • Business directors
  • Management teams
  • Managers and employees

You’ll also enjoy great tax benefits and deductions by adding this program to your insurance plan. Your employees keep your business going. Contact us today to implement this program!

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